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Feel like locals in Ukraine!

Would You like to find more about folk traditions and way of livelihood in Ukraine? Learn more about matching and wedding customs? Explore rural side and enjoy beauty of the Ukrainian nature? If “YES”, this tour is definitely for You! Traditions and culture tour to the open air museum in ...

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Gothic Castle in Kiev

During your Kiev visit you will be amazed with the local architecture and, for sure, so called Baron’s Castle is must sight in Kiev . In reality this Castle has nothing to do with Baron, but it became known so thanks to it’s totally outstanding Gothic style. Castle is located on Yaroslaviv ...

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Kiev Cave Monastery of 11 century

Kiev cave monastery complex. Kiev lavra of 11 century. UNESCO object

Together with St. Sophia Cathedral it is inscribed to the UNESCO Word Heritage Site. Kiev Pechersk Monastery was founded in the 11 century and has been built during the next 9 centuries. Kiev Pechersk Lavra is the largest Orthodox shrine in the world throughout the Christian world, second is only ...

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St. Michael’s Cathedral – guardian of Kiev

St. Michaels Cathedral in Kiev

St. Michael’s monastery was founded in 1108 by the son of Grand Duke of Kiev Izyaslav Yaroslavovich. In the same year had started the construction of the main monastery temple — St. Michael’s Cathedral. Its creation was commemorated to Russian people victory over polovtsy. The Cathedral has been built in honor of Archangel Michael, the guardian angel of ...

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St. Sofia Cathedral – UNESCO object

Sophia Cathedral in Kiev .

The name of the cathedral comes from Greek word “sofia”, which means “wisdom”. By the legend the cathedral was built right in the place where Yaroslav Mudriy gained a victory over heathen pechenegs. The cathedral has been constructing for more than 10 years by Old Russian and Byzantine art masters. The most unique things you ...

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Wedding church – St. Andrew church

One of the major attractions of Andriyivskyy Spusk is Andreevskaya, or Saint Andrew, Church. Andreevskaya Church was built by order of Russian Empress Elizabeth who intended to make Kiev her summer residence. The Empress herself founded the church and entrusted architect Bartholomeo Rastrelli to construct it. In 1749-1754 the construction ...

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Starvation memorial complex

Starvation monument in Kiev

On one of Kyiv hills there is a huge candle, symbolizing the trembling of human life, and nation praying for those who are not with us… Two sorrowful angels are standing down in the alley in front of the Memorial. In the middle of a circle there is a statue ...

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Motherland or Rodyna Mat statue

Motherland statue in Kiev

Rodina-mat — monumental women’s sculpture dominating Dnieper hills and visible from remote locations. It’s height is 102 meters, which is higher than Independence monument in the USA. Monument plating was melted in Zaporozje, it was manufactured from 1.5 mm thick sheets of stainless still, sized 50×50 sm. Than it was welded in Kiev Paton institute. Total seam ...

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Chernobyl museum

Museum exposition depicts the reasons of catastrophe occurred in 1986 on Chernobyl atomic station, tells about radiation influence on animal and plant life, about heroic actions of liquidators. Among museum displays there are declassified documents, maps, schemes, private items of disaster victims. Museum has more than 7 000 000 original and ...

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Maryinsky palace – empress residence in Kiev

Maryinsky palace 18 century

Maryinskiy palace in Kiev is a President’s of Ukraine mansion-house, it is also called President Palace — here solemn state events, rewarding, receptions and meeting of official delegations are held. Empress Elizaveta Petrovna (daughter of Petr I) once visiting Kiev was fascinated by city’s beauty and ordered to built a special palace for the royal family, she has personally chose the place for ...

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Red University in Kiev

Red University by T. Shevchenko in Kiev

Red building of the National University by T. Shevchenko is one of the things to see in Kiev. During your visit to Kiev please pay attention on the T. Shevchenko boulevard – it is very wide and originally was 2 km long. Before the Univesity was built there, the street ...

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Folk open air museum in Pyrogovo

Ukrainian traditional houses

The Pirogovo Museum is the largest open-air museum in Europe. But the most surprising thing is that all exhibits are authentic. Houses, household items, national costumes – everything was collected from different parts of Ukraine and brought to the museum back in the times of the Union. The communist leadership ...

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Khreshchatyk – city main street

Khreshchatyk is the main street of Kiev, Ukraine. The street has a length of 1.2 km. It stretches from the European Square (northeast) through the Maidan and to Bessarabska Square (southwest) where the Besarabsky Market is located. Along the street are located buildings of the Kiev City Administration which contains both the city’s council and the state administration, the Main Post Office, the Ministry of ...

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Grand duke – Yaroslav the Wise

Grand Duke - Yaroslav the Wise

Yaroslav the Wise – grand duke of Kiev, son of Vladimir Velikiy (Vladimir the Great). Age of Yaroslavl’s Mudriy reign became the age of the fullest flower of the Kievan Rus. In year 1036 he gained a magnificent victory over the pechenegs and thereby rescued Kievan Rus from their incursions. ...

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