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TOP 5 museums must visit in Kyiv

Best museums in Kyiv

Quarantine time is almost over in Kyiv and it is just a time to plan must see places. Today let us offer You a list of the most interesting museums in Kyiv.  5 BEST museums in Kyiv TOP 1. Museum of microart – highly recommended by TripAdvisor The museum of ...

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TOP facts about Kyiv metro

Kyiv metro system. Golden Gate station

Kyiv boasts to have thousands of exciting sightseeing and surely can impress even experienced travelers. There are numerous things to see in Kyiv:  historical buildings and monuments, beautiful streets and squares, amazing places and stories of prominent people who lived or worked here. Definitely, Kyiv subway system is one of ...

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2020 TOP things to see in Kyiv

KyivSophia Cathedral, UNESCO object in Kyiv

New TOP places to see in Kyiv from Yourkievguide! Learn more about new places in Kyiv and find out the best locations for taking photos. New bridge, new stairs, panoramic view, tiny bronze sculptrure, the best salo in the city…All these and much more in our new TOP things to ...

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Top 8 unusual art objects in Kyiv

Peeing boys in Kiev. TOP list of unusual monuments in Kiev.

Kiev – a unique city that can surprise even the most demanding tourist. In addition to Your bucket list, in Kiev you will find unusual art objects, contemporary sculptures, which are devoted to grandmother and eternal love, hedgehogs and cats, rain and even peeing boys. So, if you have visited ...

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What was built by Jews in Kiev?

Hard to imagine Kiev city tour without visiting such key places as Bessarabian market, the Kiev Choral Synagogue, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute…There are so much to tell about Jewish heritage in Kiev. Your Kiev Guide is going to tell You more information about one of  outstanding Jews who has radically changed ...

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Kiev murals – new street art

Rise up in the dirt - social topics on Kiev murals

Mural “Rise Up in the Dirt”, located in the Pechersk district of Kiev, is recognized as one of the best in the world. The author is a painter from New York – BKFoxx. It shows a person who helps the flower to grow from a heap of dirt. Today there are ...

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Feel like locals in Ukraine!

Would You like to find more about folk traditions and way of livelihood in Ukraine? Learn more about matching and wedding customs? Explore rural side and enjoy beauty of the Ukrainian nature? If “YES”, this tour is definitely for You! Traditions and culture tour to the open air museum in ...

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Gothic Castle in Kiev

During your Kiev visit you will be amazed with the local architecture and, for sure, so called Baron’s Castle is must sight in Kiev . In reality this Castle has nothing to do with Baron, but it became known so thanks to it’s totally outstanding Gothic style. Castle is located on Yaroslaviv ...

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Kiev Cave Monastery of 11 century

Kiev cave monastery complex. Kiev lavra of 11 century. UNESCO object

Together with St. Sophia Cathedral it is inscribed to the UNESCO Word Heritage Site. Kiev Pechersk Monastery was founded in the 11 century and has been built during the next 9 centuries. Kiev Pechersk Lavra is the largest Orthodox shrine in the world throughout the Christian world, second is only ...

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St. Michael’s Cathedral – guardian of Kiev

St. Michaels Cathedral in Kiev

St. Michael’s monastery was founded in 1108 by the son of Grand Duke of Kiev Izyaslav Yaroslavovich. In the same year had started the construction of the main monastery temple — St. Michael’s Cathedral. Its creation was commemorated to Russian people victory over polovtsy. The Cathedral has been built in honor of Archangel Michael, the guardian angel of ...

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St. Sofia Cathedral – UNESCO object

Sophia Cathedral in Kiev .

The name of the cathedral comes from Greek word “sofia”, which means “wisdom”. By the legend the cathedral was built right in the place where Yaroslav Mudriy gained a victory over heathen pechenegs. The cathedral has been constructing for more than 10 years by Old Russian and Byzantine art masters. The most unique things you ...

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Wedding church – St. Andrew church

One of the major attractions of Andriyivskyy Spusk is Andreevskaya, or Saint Andrew, Church. Andreevskaya Church was built by order of Russian Empress Elizabeth who intended to make Kiev her summer residence. The Empress herself founded the church and entrusted architect Bartholomeo Rastrelli to construct it. In 1749-1754 the construction ...

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Starvation memorial complex

Starvation monument in Kiev

On one of Kyiv hills there is a huge candle, symbolizing the trembling of human life, and nation praying for those who are not with us… Two sorrowful angels are standing down in the alley in front of the Memorial. In the middle of a circle there is a statue ...

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Motherland or Rodyna Mat statue

Motherland statue in Kiev

Rodina-mat — monumental women’s sculpture dominating Dnieper hills and visible from remote locations. It’s height is 102 meters, which is higher than Independence monument in the USA. Monument plating was melted in Zaporozje, it was manufactured from 1.5 mm thick sheets of stainless still, sized 50×50 sm. Than it was welded in Kiev Paton institute. Total seam ...

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