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2 days tour: Lviv and castles

Castles outside Lviv

Lviv Chocolate

Are you a fan of UNESCO objects and adore architecture of middle ages? If you say ‘yes’, Lviv is a must see in your travel list. Lviv is a romantic capital of Ukraine.

Along with St. Petersburg and Kyiv, Lviv city is known as one of three the most beautiful cities in the former Soviet Union. Lviv city almost completely consists of the old town and that is why the whole city is actually open air museum.

We are happy to offer you 2 days tour to Western Ukraine.

Day 1.  Walking tour in Medieval Lviv

10.00 – departure from the hotel.

  • Market Square (central part and heart of Lviv);
  • City hall;
  • Dominican Church (one of the most important cathedrals in Lviv was constructed in 1749-1764);
  • Assumption Orthodox Church;
  • Italian Courtyard (this place will remind the buildings of Venice or Rome. Now there is a cafe and a creative playground where concerts are held);
  • Pharmacy Museum (the oldest pharmacy in Lviv and throughout Ukraine called “Under the Black Eagle” was opened in 1735. And it is still working!)
  • Latin Cathedral (the only gothic Cathedral in Lviv was built in 1360-1479 years. After renovations in 18 century new baroque elements were added on the face). Inside the building you can see the original organic old stained glass windows. Latin Cathedral – the only in Ukraine, which has the status of “basilica minor”).
  • Boyim Chapel (located close to Latin Cathedral. Built in the Renaissance style 1609-1615 as the family tomb chapel).
  • Jesuit church;
  • Chocolate tasting (this is one of must to see things in Lviv – chocolate center of Ukraine!)

13.00 – Lunch time;

14.00 – Austrian Lviv includes: St. George’s Cathedral, Opera and Ballet theatre, Austrian Casino (former), Lviv National University.

18.00 departure to the hotel.

Day 2. Castles outside Lviv. Tour by car

This route is known as the golden tourist itinerary in Lviv region. During this tour day you will be amazed with visiting three the best and most famous castles:

  • Olesko Castle. The oldest of the castles near Lviv – Olesko. Founded XIII century to defend against Tatar hordes. Capuchin monastery, built in 1739, on the territory of the castle still exists. This monastic order was famous thanks to beards wearing and bare feet, also they were skillful pharmacist. One of them became the inventor of the coffee recipe – modern cappuccino (hence the name of the drink).
  • Pidhirtsi Castle. Built in the Renaissance style in the village Pidhirtsi Lviv Oblast in the late 1635-1640. The castle is surrounded by gardens and features an artistic integrity design, which makes it one of the most beautiful castles in Ukraine. Unfortunately, many monuments here were taken to St. Petersburg in Soviet times and they never returned home.
  • Zolochiv Castle. Today it is a monument of historical and cultural museum-reserve of 1634 year, which is located in Zolochiv. During its existence, this place used to be a fortress, royal residence, manor, prisons and even educational institutions. But the main secret of this place are mysterious stones with inscriptions that can be seen in the museum. The find is dated 14-15 centuries back, and still no one could determine the engraved signs.

In Lviv you will find many things to do and to see! Lviv is totally different and from Kyiv as had much influence from the western architecture and culture. Lviv is  extremely interesting in terms of comparing different types of architecture as in one place you will see classic, baroque, renaissance and other styles.

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Price: 15$ per hour
(does not include entrance fees and transportation services)
Duration: about 5 hours.



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