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Best museums in Kyiv
Best museums in Kyiv

TOP 5 museums must visit in Kyiv

Quarantine time is almost over in Kyiv and it is just a time to plan must see places. Today let us offer You a list of the most interesting museums in Kyiv.

 5 BEST museums in Kyiv

Museum of Microart in Kyiv
Museum of Microart in Kyiv

TOP 1. Museum of microart – highly recommended by TripAdvisor

The museum of miniatures by N.Syadristy is the world famous thanks to its unique exhibits such as a savvy flea, the smallest book in the world, a rose in its hair, an image on poppy seeds.

Artist Nikolai Syadristy has been creating microminiatures for over 40 years. He is widely known outside of Ukraine. Museum has been visited by Mike Tyson, Pope Ioan and presidents  all over the world.

The main exhibits of the museum includes:

  • Rose in the hair. The hair was drilled inside and polished, then a sprig of rose 0.05 mm thick was inserted inside.
  • The world famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya portrait is placed on a piece of cherry stone 3×4 mm in size.
  • The smallest book in the world – an illustrated 12-page Kobzar with T. Shevchenko poems. The pages of the book are stitched by a web, and the binding is made of an immortelle petal. The size of Kobzar is 0.6 mm.
  • “Parallel world” – a girl with umbrella is sitting on the nose of a mosquito made of gold, on a one-to-one scale (6.5 mm length).
  • The work “Swallows” made in half of poppy seeds. Swallows and chicks are also made of gold.
  • “PEACE – PEACE!” – an inscription in five languages is engraved on a 3 mm hair length.

Where: 9  Lavrska street, building 5, territory of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.

Michael Bulgakov museum
Michael Bulgakov museum – one of 20 the best literary museums in the world

TOP 2 – Bulgakov Museum in Kyiv

The Bulgakov Museum in Kiev is one of 20 the best literary museums in the world.

Mikhail Bulgakov spent his youthful years in Kyiv, on Andreevsky Descent, in house number 13. Ukrainian capital was always beloved city that formed the future writer. Since then, in most of his novels, Bulgakov will again and again return to Kyiv.

The exposition of the Bulgakov Museum in Kyiv has more than 2500 unique exhibits that show the intersection of fiction and reality.

Within the museum, the storylines of the “The White Guard” heroes and the Bulgakov family are intertwined.

The color scheme helps to distinguish the writer’s real things and everyday objects of the heroes of his novel. Museum employees recreated the things and images described in the novel and painted them white. And all the real things of the writer and his relatives are presented in kind.

Phone: +38(044) 425-31-88

Where: Kyiv, 13, Andriyivsky Descent

Opening hours: 10.00-18.00 Wednesday – closed

Museum of old trains in Kyiv
Museum of old trains in Kyiv

TOP 3 – Museum of old trains

Most of the museum exhibits are over 100 years old.

Here you can see comfortable passenger train cars, which were designed specifically for the elite of the XIX-XX centuries. Here you can visit double-seat cars, as well as their 6 and 8-seater counterparts and an armored car, in which Peter Stolypin himself drove in 1910. The same train later participated in the Brusilovsky breakthrough, and later drove Trotsky, Kalinin and Stalin. For greater passenger comfort, the design is dominated by mahogany trim and velvet seats. Carriages have a kitchen, conference rooms and huge bathrooms. The museum is located right at the Kyiv railway station – on the 14th path of the South Station.

Where: Southern Railway Station

Museum of toilets in Kyiv
Museum of toilets in Kyiv

TOP 4 – Museum of toilets in Kyiv

For sure, very educative and the most unexpected museum in this list!

Have you know that before the 17th century it was possible to build house in European cities without a latrine?

Why the toilet was called a “wardrobe” in the medieval castles?

Does the expression “throne sitting on a pot” say anything to you? Have you ever heard about the toilets, laboratories, toilets “three in one”, toilets in aquariums, gold toilets? No?

Then it is time to visit museum of toilet.

Find about the most unusual toilets all over the world, admire the playful miniature toilets, a collection of souvenirs (ashtrays, lighters, figurines in the form of various devices for toilets and urinals).

The entrance to the museum is equipped with a ramp for the disabled.

WHERE: Kyiv, st. Rybalskaya, d. 22

HOW MUCH: 120-160 UAH

OPENED: Mon-Sun, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Museum of drugs in Kyiv
Museum of drugs in Kyiv

TOP 5 – Museum of Pharmacy in Kyiv

Now pharmacy will not surprise anyone – they are at every step, and most drugs are available to almost everyone. But 300 years ago, there were very few pharmacies, medicines were very expensive, and the pharmacist himself was considered almost a magician. The first private pharmacy in Kiev was opened in 1728 and now there is a museum of Pharmacy there. The museum has a unique cash register “National”, which is more than 110 years old, as well as antique furniture, a pharmacy book dated 1834, old cans with cream, perfume bottles and even ink!

All medicinal and cosmetic provision was divided into 2 categories – for the rich and the poor. Depending on the financial state of the buyer, dog fat soap or personal care products made from olive oil could be offered.

This museum is worth visiting thanks to its unique exhibits and will be educative for children.

WHERE: 7 Pritissko-Nikol’skaya street 

Learn more about Kyiv state Aviation museum – one of the best worlds museums and Motherland statue – 4th highest statue in the world.

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