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Kiev city tour allows you to see the city not only from the standard tourist route, but feel it inside, discover the atmosphere and rhythm of city life and its local residents!

With you can to see not only Kiev tourist attractions, but :

  • climb the highest bell tower in Kiev,

  • visit the deepest metro station in the world,

  • try the most delicious soup with dumplings,

  • enjoy extreme fishing tour,

  • shoot with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and much more!

Exciting tour with private guide plus individual touch = unforgettable vacation!

Our services (main but not a full list):

  • Kiev city tour with personal guide at the standard price;

  • Extreme fishing tours on the lakes and rivers in Kiev region;

  • Explore Western Ukraine; fall in love with Lviv - romantic capital of Ukraine;

  • Cultural tourism and art-tours, theaters and museums visiting;

  • Accommodation in hotels and private apartments at the best prices in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities;

  • Transfer to the airport and car rent;

On our site you will find the main directions of tours in Kiev and nearby cities, but the geography of our work is much wider.

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Kyiv news

Тур выходного дня: Экскурсия на ферму улиток + дегустация!

Тур выходного дня: Экскурсия на улиточную ферму

Приглашаем Вас на тур выходного дня! Посетите улиточную ферму полного цикла, на которой Вы узнаете все про новое гастрономическое течение! Экскурсия  на улиточную ферму – познавательна для детей, а для взрослых мы приготовили бонус в виде дегустации ЕСКАРГО и бокала вина! Вы сможете увидеть, потрогать, покормить и … съесть улитку  ...

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TOP 5 museums must visit in Kyiv

Best museums in Kyiv

Quarantine time is almost over in Kyiv and it is just a time to plan must see places. Today let us offer You a list of the most interesting museums in Kyiv.  5 BEST museums in Kyiv TOP 1. Museum of microart – highly recommended by TripAdvisor The museum of ...

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Mr. Helicoper or Igor Sikorsky!

Igor Sikorsky in his plane

Who is inventor of the helicopter? Today we will tell You about famous Ukrainian  and the man who conquered the sky – Igor Sikorsky. Every day the Presidents of the United States, Canada, and France fly on Sikorsky’s helicopters. The intellectual potential of Igor Sikorsky is amazing. For his long ...

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