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KyivSophia Cathedral, UNESCO object in Kyiv
Sophia Cathedral, UNESCO object in Kyiv

2020 TOP things to see in Kyiv

New TOP places to see in Kyiv from Yourkievguide! Learn more about new places in Kyiv and find out the best locations for taking photos. New bridge, new stairs, panoramic view, tiny bronze sculptrure, the best salo in the city…All these and much more in our new TOP things to do in Kyiv!

TOP 1. New glass bridge in Kyiv

New glass bridge in Kyiv
New glass bridge in Kyiv

Why? Definitely, the best panoramic view in Kyiv! From here You can see Right and Left banks of the city and be amazed with the superb width of the river Dnipro.

On May 25, a pedestrian-bicycle bridge between the Khreshchaty Park and Vladimirskaya Gorka was opened in Kiev.

The length of the structure is 210 meters, height is 32 meters.

The cost of the bridge amounted to 275 million hryvna (roughly, 11 million Euro).

WHERE: Parkova street.

TOP 2. New stairs near St. Andrew Church

New touristic path on Andrew descent
New touristic path on Andrew descent

WHY? Andrew descent – also known as Kiev Montmartre – got its new beautiful stairs near Andrew church.

New stairs has become the part of larger tourist route in the historical center of the capital. Here You can find already paved new paths, installed lighting and a video surveillance system, built two new arbors.

It is nice to have a walk here during the day as well as night thanks to the beautiful lighting system.

WHERE: Andrew descent.

TOP 3. House with creatures

House with creatures, Kyiv
House with creatures, Kyiv

WHY? Thanks to our new president Zelensky it is much easier to see House with creatures in close! No more police posts here. Thank You, Mr. President!

House was build in 1901 by very talented architect  and eccentric person – Vladislav Gorodetsky. Hovewer, it is better to see once than hear hundred times.

WHERE: 10, Bankova street.

TOP 4. Golden Gate metro station

Golden Gate Metro station
Golden Gate Metro station

WHY? This time we will recommend You to visit NOT the deepest but the most beautiful station in Kyiv – Golden Gate!

This station is one of the most beautiful not only in Kiev, but also in the world, one of the top 20 most beautiful metro stations in the world. It is designed in the style of Kievan Rus with unique frescoes.

In 2012, the British publication Daily Telegraph identified the station as one of the 22 most beautiful in Europe.

In 2014, the French The Guardian named the Golden Gate one of the 20 most amazing stations in Europe.

The lobby of the Golden Gate is dotted with unimaginably beautiful and unique mosaics. Each is a different story. Here are gathered all the Kiev princes of Kievan Rus, the founders of Kiev – Kiy, Schek and Khoriv, saints and even the most famous Kiev churches.

WHERE: Zolotovoritsky proizd

TOP 5. Bessarabian Market

Salo - traditional Ukrainian food
Salo – traditional Ukrainian food

WHY? Smoked, with herbs, salted, raw, with garlic… All these about SALO – Ukrainian traditional food. In the Bessarabian market You can try and buy (or just try) all types of salo, black and red caviar and much more. Of course, prices are not the cheapest in Kiyv but still one can find here all you need.

By the way, market was built in 1912 and is the oldest roofed market in the capital. Located just 10 minutes walking from Independence square.

WHERE: Bessarebian sq.

TOP 6.  Park by T.Schevchenko

Classical Grandma monument in Park named after T. Schevchenko
Classical Grandma monument in Park named after T. Schevchenko

WHY? You will be amazed to find such green, cozy and friendly place just in the center of Kyiv.

People come here to play chess on the specially arranged tables, drink coffee in the old Polish tram, read books on the grass or simply relax.

In addition to the”reddest” building – Kiev National University, You can find here monument to the grandma and small bronze sculpture of the chess players.

WHERE: Tarasa Schevchenko boulevard.

TOP 7. Kiev Cave monastery

Kyiv Cave Monastery
Kyiv Cave Monastery

WHY? Because Kyiv Pechersk Monastery is UNESCO site and 11 century old monastery complex.

It’s territory is huge! You can simply spend here at least 2 hours if not a whole day.

24 churches, including 6 underground, cave corridors and blooming roses and chestnut trees will touch your soul for sure. By the way, here You can climb the highest bell tower in Ukraine. It’s 96.5 meters high!

They say, if you have not seen Lavra, you have not visited Kyiv.

WHERE: Lavrska street, 15

TOP 8. Sophia Cathedral

KyivSophia Cathedral, UNESCO object in Kyiv
Sophia Cathedral, UNESCO object in Kyiv

WHY? One of the best preserved 11 century old cathedrals in Europe. Sophia Cathedral is listed in UNESCO world heritage list.

Sophia’s interior is almost untouched since 11 century. Antique murals and graffiti, majestic mosaic will impress you.

WHERE: Volodymyrska street.

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