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Your Kiev Guide - Testimonials



  1. The Best EVER Guide and very interesting tour that was!!
    Thank you Katya!
    I’ll recommend all my friends to visit Kiev 😉


  2. I had visitied to Kiev a few times for business but unable to see much except Hotel and airport. Recently I decided to book a guided tour (Thru Katya and Veronyka) to get more insight. It was really nice walking experience to be able to see most of the hot spots including the inside of museums and monuments with details. Strongly recommended.

  3. We made a walking tour with a very sweet guide. The tour was beautiful and worhty. We had only few hours between flights and they manage to arrange a tour who fits in this period. If you don´t care to walk a bit, i strongly recomend.
    Summer 2015, RaissaBB from Brazil

  4. Sara Abdulla

    Our decision to travel to Kiev was a spur of the moment sort of decision, it never was really on MUST SEE travel list. But the cheap tickets and short flight made it a good decision at the time to take the risk to travel to a country that seemed to be in a constant civil war.

    First off, Kiev is very wrongly presented in the media because it is one of the safest countries I have traveled to. Made me wonder what all the media fuss was about because everybody was extremely friendly and willing to help out a bunch of tourists trying to figure our where to go for dinner. We made friends with a random taxi driver who didnt speak a word of English but thanks to Google Translate we became friend and now he and my boyfriend are Whatsapp buddies.

    Having said all that, by far the BEST decision we madewas choosing Your Kiev Guide. I am very picky with selecting tour companies as I hate big crowded tours and prefer meeting locals and spending quality time trying to learn about the history and culture of where I am travelling to. And that is exactly what we got with Katya and her team.

    Katya was extremely tentative and by the time we finally landed in Kiev, we had become “electronic pen pals” with over 40 emails between us and we still keep in touch.

    I nonchalantly mentioned that it was my birthday and wanted to a nice restaurant for dinner and to my surprise I was greeted with a box of chocolates, flowers and a very sweet birthday card on the day of my birthday from Katya.

    We came as paying customers and left as friends, I cannot recommend Your Kiev Guide enough. They are simply AMAZING!!!

    And a must try is to go outdoors! We went fishing on an cold day because my brother and boyfirend were dying to try it and I have to say that was the highlight of our trip. Being surrounded by breath-taking nature, good people to share laughs with and not to mention mouth watering food. I couldnt have asked for more.

    So try out the traditional historical tours (there’s lots to see in Kiev) but also go outside the norm and try something different with the outdoor activities.

    Definitely coming back in summer and looking forward to seeing Katya again!

    Visited March 2016

  5. David Shackelford

    The best Tour company I’ve ever been with! I’ve traveled a lot throughout a lot of the world and I have to say this was by far one of the best tour companies i’ve ever been with. They went back and forth with my girlfriend planning everything down to the T of everything we wanted to do for our short holiday in Kiev. By the time we finally got there they had probably exchange 45 emails to make sure everything was done right. We had a great driver to pick us up and excellent well known tour guides the entire time.
    The tour guides were friendly happy and very patient with our questions and with us being late a few times. They knew their history of Kiev and always made it fun for us. We even booked fishing and it was amazing! The guides helped us catch fish for hours and made us laugh and smile even through the freezing cold. They took care of everything for us and were really involved in what we wanted to see one on one. Great trip made even better by great tour guides!

    Visited March 2016

  6. Mugur Dumitrache

    Katya will have you fall in love with Kiev. Extraordinary person and guide.

    One says that “doing something with passion almost reaches perfection”. Katya is passionate about Kiev’s identity and history and she will make you fall in love with her passion. I’ve never asked her about her background but when she sounds like a scholar when it comes to showing Kiev and sharing its secrets.
    We had two days of visits. Katya adapted the program to keep us both – adults and a 10 years old girl – happy and interested. The stories kept us hung to her words, like in hypnosis. The visits seemed to last like the blink of an eye. Two days of visiting were ok, but one or two days more would have been perfect. Next time. With Katya!!!
    For monasteries’ visits, women must cover their hair with scarves and wear skirts below knees.
    In a nutshell, Katya is an excellent guide and you will be much richer after walking with her.

  7. Boris & Lyudmila Lurye

    We made a walking and car tour with an excellent guide Katya. The tour was beautiful and made us fall in love with Kiev. We spend 9 hours together and it went so fast. She has passion in history and very professional communication skills. We strongly recommend Katya as your guide.

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