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Peeing boys in Kiev. TOP list of unusual monuments in Kiev.
Peeing boys in Kiev. TOP list of unusual monuments in Kiev.

Top 8 unusual art objects in Kyiv

Kiev – a unique city that can surprise even the most demanding tourist.

In addition to Your bucket list, in Kiev you will find unusual art objects, contemporary sculptures, which are devoted to grandmother and eternal love, hedgehogs and cats, rain and even peeing boys.

So, if you have visited St. Sophia Cathedral, climbed up the Lavra bell tower and strolled along Andrew’s Descent, here is a list of 8 unusual monuments in Kiev. It is time to explore unusal Kiev and search the bizarre and secret places …Let’s start!

List of unusual monuments in Kiev

TOP 1. Grandma monument in Kiev

Grandma monument is a collective image of grandmothers of the eighties, who usually sat on a bench near the entrance and knew everything about everyone. The granny in a kerchief sits peacefully on a bench, carefully watching everything that happens. Students of the nearby Shevchenko University have an omen – to successfully pass the test or exam, you need to rub the record with your grandmother’s bag.

Unusual monuments in Kiyv. Grandma monument.
Unusual monuments in Kiyv. Grandma monument.

Date: 2011

Address: Kiev, park named after T.G. Shevchenko.

Author: Anna Kiseleva Kiev Fashion Park.

TOP 2. Ballerina monument

The ballerina monument is located at the intersection of Sretenskaya and Streletskaya streets. The sculpture is carved from linden, the ballet tutu is made of metal mesh, the face and hands are made of ceramics, and the hair is made of artificial threads. Initially, when installing the sculpture, the dancer’s hair was red, but after the restoration in late 2013 – early 2014, the ballerina returned rested, prettier and … blonde.

Top unusual monuments in Kiev. Balleryna monument.
Top unusual monuments in Kiev. Balleryna monument.

Date: 2009

Address: Kiev, st. Sretenskaya, 8/2, the intersection of Sretenskaya and Streletskaya.

Author: Konstantin Skritutsky “Kiev landscape initiative”.

TOP 3. Cat from the disposable forks

This amusing monument will definitely make you smile. A funny sculpture that cheers up all Kiev tourists is a cat on a tree, which is completely made of ordinary plastic forks.

600 disposable forks and more than hundred screws were needed to perform the miracle cat.

Monument to Cat from plastic forks in Kiev
Monument to Cat from plastic forks in Kiev

Address: st. Vladimirskaya, 40-A.

Author: Konstantin Skritutsky.

TOP 4. Monument to the nose

It is believed that this is a prototype of the writer Nikolai Gogol’s nose.

One of the legends says that Gogol was walking with a runny nose along Andreevsky descent and could not think of anything more than his nose. So the idea of ​​the story “Nose” came.

However, Kiev residents and guests of the capital are delighted with the second story connected with the monument. After all, it is believed that if you rub your nose with your hands – you will never have a cold. The most interesting thing is that everyone is rubbing, even those who do not believe in it – what if the truth is ?!

Nose monument in Kiev
Nose monument in Kiev

Address: st. Desyatynna, 13

Author: Art Gallery Triptyx.

TOP 5. Love universe

Another symbol of the love of a man and a woman can be found in Shevchenko Park. It looks like steel figures of lovers are frozen for a moment in each other’s arms.

The author of an unusual art object, Alexander Lidagovsky, explains his idea this way: “The harmony of a man and a woman is the harmony of two principles, is identified here with the harmony of the Universe.”

Universe Love Monument in Kiev.
Love Universe monument in Kiev.

Address: Taras Shevchenko Park.

Author: Alexander Lidagovsky.

TOP 6. Hedgehog in the fog

Hedgehog in the fog monument  was erected in 2009 in Kiev.

Hedgehog in the fog carved from ordinary pine. There are about 5 thousand needles which are made of self-tapping nails and screws. A charming animal sits on a high ceramic stump, holds a bundle in its paws and looks at passers-by with piercing eyes.

Hedgehog monument in Kiev
Hedgehog monument in Kiev

Date: December 2008

Address: Kiev, near the houses of st. Reitarskaya, 2 and Georgievsky Lane, 2

Author: Konstantin Skritutsky

TOP 7. Rainbow monument or Peeing boys.

The sculptural composition “Rainbow” is one of 17 art objects that appeared in 2011 in the First Ukrainian Park of modern sculpture and installation “Kiev Fashion Park”. Art objects were purchased at a charity auction at MK “Mystetsky Arsenal”, donated to the city, and then installed on the Landscape Alley. The composition “Rainbow” of four colored boys, which caused a lot of ambiguous reviews, was immediately called “Manneken Pis”, by analogy with the famous Brussels sculpture. The author of the rainbow arch is Alexander Alekseev.

Peeing boys in Kiev
Peeing boys in Kiev

Name: “Rainbow”

Date: 2011

Address: Kiev, Landscape Alley, st. Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya, 24-b

Author: Alexander Alekseev.

TOP 8. Rain sculpture

The sculpture “Rain” is located on the famous Landscape Alley in Kiev. The art object of bronze and glass is part of the Park of Modern Sculpture and Installation. A tall man of almost two meters in height stands in the hemisphere with his head thrown up. His hands are lowered along the body and practically merge with the body.

The hemisphere itself is mounted on a pedestal. A huge drop of water froze on the face of a man whose eyes are fixed on the sky. The author of the project is Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk.

Sculpture of Rain in Kiyv
Sculpture of Rain in Kiyv

Date: 2011

Address: Kiev, Landscape Alley.

Author: Nazar Bilyk.

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