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Pyrogovo - open air folk museum

Ukrainian Folk and Traditions

Straw and clay houses in the folk museum

Сlay oven and baby cradle in the folk museum

Pyrogovo – unique open air museum offers you to see the traditional housing and living way of the Ukrainian settlements in the times Middle Ages till early XX century.

This museum was found in 1969 year. Now it has area of 370 acres, it is exhibiting around 300 buildings (houses, churches, wind-mills, etc.) from different Ukrainian regions. These original buildings from Middle Ages till early XX century (the oldest exhibit is a house from 1587, the oldest church is from 1742 year!) were disassembled by parts in different regions of the country, transported to this museum and rebuilt on the spot.

There is also a huge collection of folk costumes, furniture, utensils, musical instruments, etc. so you really could see how life looked in these old times.

Marvelous windmills, real Cossacks on the horses, old wooden huts and churches – all these will impress you for sure.

During the tour you will find out about rich Ukrainian traditions, symbols of national dress and housing.

Just imagine that, for example, grapes on the cloth mean fertility and holiness, couple of doves – love and welfare. People used to sprinkle just-married couple with grapes, nuts and grains wishing them the prosperity and happiness.

It is believed that men’s shirts are characterized by geometric patterns, and women by – vegetable. But usually all patterns can be mixed together and depend on needlewoman taste.

Color played the key role in the national symbolism. Red was the color of love and happiness, black – the color of earth and fertility, white – purity and innocence, green – the color of youth and maturity. Knowing colors and embroidery symbols one could say a lot about person.

Here you can see more about Museum exposition.

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Price: from 15$ per hour
(does not include entrance fees and transportation services)
Duration: about 5 hours.