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Тур выходного дня: крафтовая сыроварня + дегустация

Тур выходного дня: крафтовая сыроварня + дегустация

НОВЫЙ ТУР ВЫХОДНОГО ДНЯ Крафтовая сыроварня + дегустация + старинный город Богуслав! На выходных самое время подышать свежим воздухом вдали от шумного города, а также зарядится новыми впечатлениями на следующую неделю! Наш новый тур выходного дня предлагает Вам посетить крафтовую сыроварню с щедрой дегустацией разных видов сыра. Президент Ассоциации козоводов ...

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Приват тур: Джуринский водопад + Збаражский замок

Збаражский замок. Украина

Все самое интересное и вкусное собрано в туре выходного дня – Джуринский водопад и Збаражский замок! Море впечатлений всего за 2 дня! Всего за два дня Вы: увидите красоту самого высокого водопада в Украине; посетите самую длинную гипсовую пещеру Евразии, которая занесена в книгу Рекордов Гиннесса; побываете в одном из ...

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Тур выходного дня: Экскурсия на ферму улиток + дегустация!

Тур выходного дня: Экскурсия на улиточную ферму

Приглашаем Вас на тур выходного дня! Посетите улиточную ферму полного цикла, на которой Вы узнаете все про новое гастрономическое течение! Экскурсия на улиточную ферму – познавательна для детей, а для взрослых мы приготовили бонус в виде дегустации ЭСКАРГО и бокала вина! Вы сможете увидеть, потрогать, покормить и … съесть улитку  ...

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Mr. Helicoper or Igor Sikorsky!

Igor Sikorsky in his plane

Who is inventor of the helicopter? Today we will tell You about famous Ukrainian  and the man who conquered the sky – Igor Sikorsky. Every day the Presidents of the United States, Canada, and France fly on Sikorsky’s helicopters. The intellectual potential of Igor Sikorsky is amazing. For his long ...

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Kyiv nightlife – best places to go!

Best night clubs in Kyiv

Nightlife is one of the most popular things to do in Kyiv. Even though we prefer daylight city tours, www.yourkievguide has prepared list of the best night clubs in the capital. So, let’s the party begin! Caribbean club – top of the top night clubs in Kyiv One of the ...

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TOP famous Ukrainian’s

Lesya Ukrainka's 145th birthday. Google dodle

The pioneer of the Ukrainian feminism. A brilliant daughter of the Ukrainian people. The only man in the Ukrainian authorship… All this is true about talented poetess – Lesya Ukrainka. There are so many talented and famous Ukrainians and today we are going to speak about one of them – Lesya Ukrainka! ...

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Christmas celebrations in Kyiv

Christmas celebrations in Kiev, 2020

What to do on Christmas in Kiev? New photo locations, stylish Christmas tree, souvenirs market and outdoors ice rinks  are organized for winter holidays. Folk Ukraine invites You to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2020 in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev! Here are four main Christmas locations in Kiev. ...

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New outdoor ice rink in Kiev

New Ice rink in Kiev

Winter activities in Kyiv 2020 New winter location in Kiev from yourkievguide.com! One of things to do in Kiev during winter days is to visit – ROSHEN Winter Village! Huge outdoor ice rink, Christmas tree, New Year’s market and food court – these and more one can find on the ...

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Meet new thousand hryvnia in Ukraine!

In October 2019, significant changes will occur in the money turnover of Ukrainians – new coins (kopiyka) replace paper money and meet “thousand” hryvnia! New coins instead of paper money in Ukraine In October, coins of 1, 2 and 5 kopiykas are eliminated from circulation. A coin of 25 cents ...

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Festivals and activities in Kyiv, spring 2019

Coffee festival in Kiev, 2019

What to do and see in Kiev during Your tour? Your Kiev Guide has prepared the list of the best festivals and things to do in Kiev! Just this spring enjoy Kiev city tours mixed with ceramics, food and wine festivals, learn what Ukrainian people prepare on the Easter and ...

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Where to eat in Kiev?

There are so many reasons to visit Kiev and, surely, food tour is one of the things to do in Kiev. We have prepared You a list of restaurants in Kiev where You can eat local food by your own or during Kiev tours with private guide. Only the best ...

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Christmas tree in Ukraine

Didukh or Christmas tree in Ukraine

This year Christmas tree in Kiev is announced to be the most beautiful in Europe.  Now it is hard to imagine that Christmas tree has not been always so popular among Ukrainians for Christmas and New Year. While visiting Kiev, Ukraine tourists usually are eager to learn local traditions and ...

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New Year 2019 celebrations in Kiev

Program of the New Year Celebrations in Kiev, 2019

Visit Kiev and enjoy atmosphere of the winter fairy tale in Kiev: Country of the Northern Light, Country of Dreams, train of desire, citrus Christmas tree and more than 300 performances… All these New Year 2019 celebrations will be arraged in Kiev just to make Your winter holidays perfect. Yourkievguide ...

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Why Kiev Should Be on Your Bucket List

Dear Tourists, For Your kind attention here is a repost of the article from https://www.thedailybeast.com SCOTT BAY – the author – is giving his explanation why Kiev should be in Your travel wish list and what do you need to see in Kiev. MUST-SEE Why Kiev Should Be on Your ...

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