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Wedding church – St. Andrew church

One of the major attractions of Andriyivskyy Spusk is Andreevskaya, or Saint Andrew, Church. Andreevskaya Church was built by order of Russian Empress Elizabeth who intended to make Kiev her summer residence. The Empress herself founded the church and entrusted architect Bartholomeo Rastrelli to construct it. In 1749-1754 the construction was carried out under guidance of Ivan Michurin, an architect from Moscow.

The project of St. Andrew’s Church was created by famous architect Rastrelli. The first stone of the church was laid by Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in 1744. During the construction the problem sprang up — there was a spring in the hill and for many years water leaked throw the walls of church’s base and destroyed it.

Empress Elizaveta Petrovna died soon after church construction ended, and the building had fallen into decay — tsar’s court no longer interested in Kiev’s buildings. In 1767 the church was consecrated but its condition was poor — the water from the spring destroyed the base of the building, into the holes of tiled roof fall rain and snow, birds broke windows and made nests inside. For a long time Kiev metropolitans corresponded with Synod and at last in 1797 all imperfections were repaired. Large staircase with cast iron footsteps and church-porch were built 50 years after.

After the October revolution in 1917 St. Andrew church was closed for a long time, and only in 1968 it was opened like a museum.

You may visit St Andrew Church during Religious Kiev tour.


St. Andrew Church - perfect place for hugs and kisses.

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