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Park Schevchenko in Kyiv
Park Schevchenko in Kyiv

TOP parks in Kyiv and around

Officially! 3 days until spring! Just a perfect time to plan your weekends!

Kyiv is a very green city and boasts to have 127 parks. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful locations just in few hours away from Kyiv. Find out where to go on weekends to enjoy awakening nature with yourkievguide.com.

TOP parks in Kyiv and amazing locations, canyons, tropical banana farm and sakura park just in a couple of hours driving from the city! Let’s get started!

Shevchenko Park – the tiniest park in Kyiv

For sure, most of You know this location and love it! Shevchenko Park is the smallest park area in Kiev, its just 5.4 hectares. The park is over 120 years old, and it’s beautiful alleys, as before, attract a huge number of guests. The nearest metro stations – Lva Tolstogo, University and Teatralna – makes it easy to find.

The park boasts to have interesting sculptural installations.

  • “Classic grandmother” – a symbol of all old women, resting on the benches;
  • “Love-Universe” – a monument of two lovers froze in each other’s arms.
  • Fountain-pond – copies the coastlines of the Black Sea,
  • “Kiev Chess Players” – mini bronze sculpture devoted to the chess fans. Since soviet times almost each day many people come here to play chess!

By the way, the oldest public toilet in Kiev is located in this park. It was built in pre-revolutionary times (more than 100 years ago) and still works!

  • Where: Kyiv, 2 minutes from metro Lva Tolstogo, University and Teatralna.
Feofanya park in Kyiv
Feofanya park in Kyiv

Feofania Park – picnics with the beautiful landscapes

The first mentions of the area where the park is located now, goes back to 1471. The modern name Feofania appeared in 1803 thanks to the Bishop Feofan. On May 13, 1992, a landscape park of the national importance was founded here. The entire territory is 150 hectares – yes, it is huge! This allows you to feel the spirit of real nature, look at ancient trees and enjoy silence. Here you can see century-old oaks, ashes and maples, lindens, some of them are already 300 years old.

On the hill above the park you can see the majestic church of St. Panteleimon. It can be seen from every corner and provides a special spirit. The monastery was found in 1905-1912. In 1806 one of it’s monks Theophanes dug two ponds in the park that are still in use!

This park is perfect for having a picnic, renting bicycles, plaing with children on the playgrounds and enjoying the beautiful views. During the warm season, there are pavilions with food and ice cream on the territory;

  • The park is open until 11:00pm each day. The alleys are illuminated in the evening.
  • The entrance to the territory is paid: 30 UAH for adults.
  • Addresses: m. Kiev 143, st. Academika Lubadova, 32. Closest metro station is Teremky.
Sakyra park near Kyiv
Sakyra park near Kyiv

Now let’s check locations in a few hours driving from to Kyiv

 “Sakura Island” – modern artificially created park with the small zoo

This private park was created on the banks of the river Ros, with an area of ​​1.6 hectares. The name “Sakura Island” did not appear by chance – more than 3500 trees were planted in the park, some of which are Japanese sakura trees. Of course, the best time to visit Sakura Park is spring, when the cherry and sakura trees are in the full bloom.

Here you will find gazebos in the style of the Chinese style, Japanese red bridges, a waterfall, a grotto and a fountain. For children, there is a playground, a wooden model of a real pirate ship, a family of the stone elephants and a wooden skeleton of a dinosaur. There is a bird zoo on the territory of the park, which is home to more than 30 species of birds. In addition to the poultry house, there is a corral with deer, fluffy alpacas and spotted roe deer.

  • Address: village Volodarka, Kiev region, st. Lugovaya.
  • Distance: 121 km. Around 2 hours driving by car.
  • Entrances: adults – 50 UAH, children – 30 UAH, children under 6 years old, pensioners – free
  • Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00.  Mon. – day off
Kalynovka park near Kyiv
Kalynovka park near Kyiv

Kovalivka – the riches village in Ukraine

This village-etalon, is located in the Vasilkovsky district, 80 km from Kiev. Previously, there was a millionaire collective farm, and then an agricultural company was organized, thanks to which Kovalivka turned into a dream village: well-groomed, clean and with its own landscape park and a pond with swans.

In the central part of the park, attention is drawn to the flower “Clock of Eternity”, which shows the exact time. An alley of arches in the form of hearts leads to them, flower installations are placed throughout the park: a peacock with a petunia tail, a flower mill and a hut.

The park is small but well organized for families. Weddings and photo sessions are often held here.

  • Where: Kovalivka village, Vasylkivskyi district, Kiev region.
  • Distance:  80 km from Kyiv. Around 1 hour driving by car.
  • Entrances: free.
  • Working hours: 24/7
Park in Korosten
Park in Korosten

Drevlyansky Park, Korosten – granite canyon with a view!

In the very center of Korosten, there is the amazingly picturesque Drevlyansky Park. The Uzh River flows through it, its banks are decorated with a picturesque granite canyon, which nature created for millions of years. The park is really beautiful: everywhere there are romantic gazebos, ladders, bridges, benches, fountains and ponds. The banks of the Uzh River are connected by a suspension bridge, from which magnificent views of the granite rocks that frame the river open.

At the bottom of the canyon near the Uzh River, you can see a monument to Princess Olga, who burned the city in response to the Drevlyan riot. There is another interesting object in the Drevlyansky Park – the “Rock” museum (so-called Stalin’s bunker). This is a military-historical complex located inside a granite rock. There was once a real three-tiered bunker, but only the middle level is open to visitors, the rest is closed. The bunker is really huge; there are about 30 rooms in which you can see various exhibitions devoted to military topics.

The annual potato pancake festival is also held in Korosten.

  • Where: Zhytomyr region, Korosten, Drevlyansky park
  • Entrances: free
  • Working hours: 24/7, the “Skala” complex is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 (break from 13:00 to 14:00);
  • Distance from Kiev: 163 km / around 3 hours by car.
Kanyon in Korosten
Kanyon in Korosten, Bukyi

Bukskyi canyon – huge canyon, possible to swim!

Another canyon you can visit in one day! From Kiev, you can get there by car along the Kiev-Odessa highway towards Zhashkov. Buksky canyon is located on the Gorny Tikich river. The walking route along the canyon can be started from the place where the old hydroelectric power station used to be.

10 years ago this place was unknown to the public but today many people come here to enjoy amazing landscapes and have a swim in the Canyon.

Buksky Canyon is decorated with huge boulders and waterfalls. It is especially great to watch the sunset here – a complete immersion in the beauty of nature and inner harmony.

  • Where: Buky village, Cherkasy region.
  • Entrance: free.
  • Distance from Kiev: 183 km / around 3 hours by car.
Banana farm near Kyiv
Banana farm near Kyiv

Tropical banana farm – just 43 km away from Kyiv!

Near Kiev, 43 km from the capital, there is one unique place – the real tropics!

The number of exotic plants per square meter here is outrageousCoffee, figs, pineapples, varieties of tangerines, feijoa, bananas, lemons, pomegranates. In total, more than 50 varieties of tropical plants are growing here. He bred a special dwarf variety of bananas, which he called “Kiev”. The breeder and owner of this miracle greenhouse will happily conduct a tour for you. You can also buy a banana tree here! Anyway, better see once than hear hundred times.

  • Where: Kyiv region, Brovarsky district, village Skewers.
  • Entrance: free.
  • Distance from Kyiv: 43 km / around 1 hour by car.

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