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information for toursits entering Ukraine
information for toursits entering Ukraine

Covid-19 in Ukraine: updated entering rules

On January 25, strict lockdown in Ukraine is over. Welcome to adaptive quarantine!

What does it mean for the tourists planning their trip to Ukraine? Updated COVID-19 in Ukraine news as at January 25, 2021.

Updated entering rules to Ukraine: PCR test and self-isolation

To end self-isolation travels from abroad must pass a PCR test in a verified laboratory in Ukraine on arrival. It is important that the laboratory has access to the electronic system of the Public Health Center, otherwise the results will not be available.

The data on the negative result is entered by the laboratory independently. Any information about a negative result of PCR testing sent by mail, messages in social networks, provided by phone, etc., will not be accepted.

The phone number must correspond to the number for which the Diia Vdoma (Act at Home) application is enabled.

Diya vdoma application
Diia vdoma application

The data of the electronic platform is synchronized with the service “Diia Vdoma” (Act at Home) automatically. Synchronization takes place hourly, seven days a week. Download Diia Vdoma

If you have the results of a negative PCR test performed abroad (there is information in English or Ukrainian), but the border guards forced you to install the application “Diia vdoma”, you need to send a request to the Public Health Center at contact@phc.org.ua.

Updated list of the “Red” and “Green” countries

On January 18, the Ministry of Health updated the list of countries in the “red” zone – countries with a significant spread of COVID-19.

47 countries, including Serbia, Georgia, Lithuania, Sweden, Turkey, Italy and others, are referred to the “red” zone, upon returning from which citizens are required to go through self-isolation or covid test upon arrival.

Entering rules for the tourists travelling to Ukraine from “Red” countries:

No need for observation or self-isolation having a negative test result for COVID-19 using the PCR method after crossing the state border. The policy must cover the costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19, observation and the entire duration of stay in Ukraine.

Entering rules for the tourists travelling to Ukraine from “Green” countries:

Citizens arriving from “Green Zone” countries will not be required to undergo self-isolation. All is needed Health Insurance Certificate covering COVID-19 treatment and observation. The insurance policy must be issued by a company registered in Ukraine.

Countries list per January 25, 2021:

  • Red countries: USA, Israel,  Germany, Canada, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Albania, Belarus, Austria, Poland, Brazil, France, Spain, USA, Russian Federation and others.
  • Green countries:  Turkey, Bulgaria, Finland, India, Egypt.

All about COVID-19 Health insurance for the foreigners travelling to Ukraine here.

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