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Menorah in Kyiv
Menorah in Kyiv

New online virtual tour – Jewish heritage in Kyiv

Welcome to the online virtual Jewish heritage tour.

History of Kyiv is deeply connected with the Jews and during our online virtual tour You will hear the story of this brave and unique nation.

Before the Second World War 30% of Kyiv population was Jews, now it is only – 3%. Why is it so? What are the reasons?

During our tour You will find out about the prominent Kyiv Jews, so called famous “sugar kings” (like Brodski family) and their input in the city history; You will find out how Golda Meir is connected with Kyiv and why Babi Yar is known as the place of Jewish tragedy in Kyiv.

Jewish topic is very close to me and I admire the courage of this nation.

I will show You a lot of photos, video and map of the location in order to make the tour as realistic as possible.

How does online virtual tour work?

Online virtual tour is provided via ZOOM app. So, You need to install Zoom application and join the meeting.

Online tours are available 7 days a week at the most convenient time for You!

Please contact us by email info@yourkievguide.com or +380677105589 (WhatsApp) to book the online virtual tour now!

What do you need to attend a tour?

Just readiness to travel and stable internet connection!

How much does it cost and last?

15 usd per screen  / 60 minutes online tour!

Just 10 screens per  one tour! Get started to Your new impressions and book it now!

Just the real facts, the most interesting stories and the best photos (my photos not Google ones)!

Fasten the belts and let’s start our time journey!

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Online virtual tour - Jewish heritage in Kyiv
Online virtual tour – Jewish heritage in Kyiv

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