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Online virtual tour in Kyiv
Online virtual tour in Kyiv

New virtual online tour – Secrets of the Eastern Orthodox religion

Dear Tourists!

Welcome to our new online virtual tours in Kyiv and Ukraine! Currently we are all leaving in a new COVID reality and our everyday life has been changed dramatically. We are limited in a communication with beloved ones, and the worst, a travelling is not so easy and available for the most of us. That is why – let’s travel online and get new emotions from the online experiences! Explore Kyiv UNESCO sites, architecture, history, modern traditions in Ukraine via online virtual tours.

New online experiences are available from www.yourkievguide.com!

By now let me offer You the following online virtual tours:

Secrets of the Eastern Orthodox religion

Kyiv is not a city for bicycles, but known as a city of the golden domes. According to the legend, hundreds of years ago, while sailing along the river Dnepr, St. Apostle Andrew predicted that Kyiv would be glorified as a center of the Orthodox life. And his predictions definitely have come true with time.

History of Kyiv is deeply connected with religion. On my tour I want to show you unique 11 century old churches, raise the curtain of the monk’s life, share the secrets of the Ukrainian religious holidays like Easter, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. Thanks to my personal video and photos I will make Your online virtual tour so real, rich and interesting!

During the tour we will visit:

  • Kyiv Cave monastery, known also as Kiev Pechersk monastery. It occupies 26 hectares and has 102 stone structures. Place of the true spiritual life – miracles still happen here!  Cave monastery is named as one of 7 Wonders in Ukraine. They say, once You have not seen Cave monastery, You have not seen Kyiv!
  • St. Sophia Cathedral – UNESCO site built in 11 century. One of the best preserved ancient cathedrals in Europe!
  • Vladymysky Cathedral – named after duke Vladymyr, but not President of Russia – Putin! BTW, Cathedral is compared with art galleries thanks to it’s beautifull icons.

During the tour You will speak about:

Why Kyiv is known as a mother of all Slavic people?

What are the main Orthodox traditions and believes that people are following currently?

About the differences in the religion, traditions, believes and funny customs.

Why are people standing during the service in the Eastern Orthodox Church?

Why woman have to cover their heads in the church?

How does online virtual tour work?

Online virtual tour is provided via ZOOM app. So, You need to install Zoom application and join the meeting.

Online tours are available 7 days a week at the most convenient time for You!

Please contact us by email info@yourkievguide.com or +380677105589 (WhatsApp) to book the online virtual tour now!

What do you need to attend a tour?

Just readiness to travel and stable internet connection!

How much does it cost and last?

15 usd per screen  / 60 minutes online tour!

Just 10 screens per one tour! Get started to Your new impressions and book it now!

Just the real facts, the most interesting stories and the best photos (my photos not Google ones)!

Fasten the belts and let’s start our time journey!

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