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Who visited Kiev in 2017?
Who visited Kiev in 2017?

TOP things to know about Kiev

Safety feelings

Is Kiev safe for visiting? Or is it safe to go outside after 9 p.m. / to use taxi/public transport and to try local food?… Such questions I have been asked many times by my tourists personally when they are already in Kiev or by email when people are still planning the trip.

Feeling own safety – is one of the TOP indicators which makes country and city attractiveness for tourists.

Socialogical research 2017

In this post I would like to offer information about Kiev tourist attractiveness not city sights.

According to the sociological research made by Kiev tourist state department 95.5% of the foreign tourists felt safety in Kiev during their stay! I would say that figures are very verbose.

Tourists saferty feelings in Kiev 2017
Tourists saferty feelings in Kiev 2017

Most of my tourists are really amazed to find out that Kiev is very safe and friendly city.

Of course, as everywhere even being in the home city you have to follow the rules of common logic and mind your cameras, pockets and the rest valuable things. But surely in Kiev you can use the taxi (which is really really cheap), explore public transport like metro (which is cheap, efficient and pretty clean). And surely you need or even have to try local food as it is yummy and mouthwatering.

If you have strength after Kiev full day private tour 🙂, yes, you can definitely enjoy city after 9 p.m. and you will feel and see absolutely another, I would say more romantic and secret, face of the city.

But let me return back to the real statistics.

Duration of Kiev visit in 2017

Almost half of all tourists who visited Kiev (Kyiv) in 2017, stayed there for more than 3 days!

As I always say to my tourists, you need at least 2, but better 3 days in order to see the main city sights and explore Kiev without rush!

Duration of the tourists in Kiev 2017
Duration of the tourists in Kiev 2017

59.9% of the tourists planned their trip to Ukraine and Kiev by themselves via Internet and 22.3% of the tourists travelled with the help of the travel company.

Solo travellers in Kiev 2017

How do tourists organize their visit to Kiev 2017?

Aim of the visit to Kiev

60% of the respondents visited Kiev (Kyiv) for tourism purpose and 31.3% – for business.

Aim of Kiev visit in 2017

Aim of Kiev visit in 2017

Who visited Kiev in 2017?

Who visited Kiev in 2017?

Who visited Kiev in 2017?Posting these statistical data I really hope that Kiev will make one bigger step on the world tourist map and become more popular destination among tourists. I am so happy to see my tourists when they are amazed to explore my home, beloved and beautiful city – Kiev!

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