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Ukrainian traditional houses

Folk open air museum in Pyrogovo

The Pirogovo Museum is the largest open-air museum in Europe. But the most surprising thing is that all exhibits are authentic. Houses, household items, national costumes – everything was collected from different parts of Ukraine and brought to the museum back in the times of the Union. The communist leadership did not want to give permission for the museum establishment, but after very long excursion, the museum staff managed to persuade them.

The Pirogovo Museum is a kind of time machine that tells the traditions of marriage, wedding ceremonies, shows how the Ukrainian people lived in the 18-19th centuries.

The territory of the Museum exceeds 1,300,000 square meters. It takes place in peaceful historical area. Picturesque landscapes reproduce traditional lifestyle of different regions of Ukraine. Here you can see and understand our country the way it was hundred years ago.

Museum was found at the outskirts of Kiev in 1976. Its territory was divided in sectors according to territorial and time principals. Pyrogovo exhibition presents architecture of Ukrainian villages, routine life of peasants and Ukrainian national art. You simply move backward into the past: antique Ukrainian mazanka hats, chapels dated 16-17 century, windmills — all this pieces were collected in various regions of Ukraine, shipped to the museum and renovated. Each hat was turned into museum showing common life of Ukrainians of the past centuries — furniture, dishes, clothes, musical instruments, work utensils. Pyrogovo is an excellent place to spend weekend.

Here are just some photos about folk museum.

Clay pottery was very popular. Please note that the plates are very wide. Why is it so? It’s very simple! Only one big plate was put on the table and everyone got their spoon! The whole family ate from one plate.


Original clay pottery of 19 century.
Original pottery of 19 century.

Here you can see that table was very narrow. Again because it was more comfortable to eat from one plate as everyone could reach it.

Traditional wTraditional wooden table and saint conerooden table and saint coner
Traditional wooden table and saint coner.

Joined jars with a handle. One part for borsch, another for dumplings. Such types were used for lunch on the field.

Pottery 19 century
Pottery 19 century

Amazing example of the Ukrainian wooden architecture. 1817. Podilia.

Wooden church. 19 century
Rare example of the old wooden church. 19 century. Many wooden churches were lost because of the fire.


You may visit Pyrogovo during Ukrainian folk and traditions tour.

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