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TOP Ukrainian traditional dishes


Even in times of fast food many Ukrainian families still prefer homemade food.

Ukrainian national cuisine is famous for great variety of tasty and healthy dishes.

Here you will read about TOP popular dishes served in every Ukrainian family.

Borsch – the leader of all lists!

You cannot find Ukrainian family without traditional borsch on the table during the lunch.

Red borsch is made from potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, beans, parsley, dill and necessarily – beets, whereby soup becomes dark red. Red borsch usually boiled in meat broth, although historically it was a simple peasant food, and the meat was added to the dish just for the holidays.

Borsch is almost always served with sour cream with fresh rye bread or dumplings with garlic sauce.

During religious fast days borsch is cooked without fat or meat, only with sunflower oil, mushrooms, and sometimes fish.

Local media has informal Index of borscht (similar to Big Mac index) to assess the purchasing power of different currencies, as well as determine the actual hryvnia inflation. Index of borscht shows the price of products needed for 4-liter pots of borsch.

Small town located in the Ternopil region was named in honor of borscht – Borshev. Every autumn, it became the center of the folk festival Borsch eaters.


Dumplings – a Slavic dish which is widespread in the Ukrainian cuisine. Dumplings are made from unleavened dough stuffed with minced meat, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, cheese, and fruit.

Usually Dumplings served hot with sour cream or butter.

Pancakes or derunyyu

Pancakes are made from grated potatoes with onion, garlic and eggs. The resulting dough is mixed and fried in a pan on the lard or vegetable oil. Pancakes traditionally served hot with sour cream. Potato pancakes can be stuffed with meat or mushrooms.

The best way to learn the taste of the Ukrainian food is to try it!

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