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New places to eat in Kiev!

Dear friends, today we will tell you about not only tasty places in Kiev but restaurants with unique design. You are welcomed to travel with yourkievguide.com online on our pages and in person – in Kiev, Ukraine!

Number one in our short list – American restaurant  – YOLK

Yolk – pro-American restaurant in the city center. It works in the format of a cafe up to 6 p.m. and after turns into a restaurant with traditional US snacks, meals and drinks.

Yolk Staff serves home-made cola, lemonade, orangeade and tonic of the authentic American syrups for the secret recipe. The interior of the cafe is in the yellow and white colors, and decorative elements in common with the “egg” theme places. Pancakes, cheesecakes and pancakes are served with traditional American toppings – maple syrup, jam and peanut butter.

During the day in the Yolk you can try traditional American dishes like to fast food, but restaurant quality, and in the evening – to sit in a romantic atmosphere of the restaurant. Prices in the “yolk,” as for the restaurant, it is very affordable.

Average bill: 150 – 200 UAH.

You can find it here:

Lva Tolstoy Str, 11 /61 or Yaroslav Val Str, 37/1



Vagabond – wonderful place with an interesting concept where visitors pay not to the waiter, but themselves in a specially designated place. There is a large jar at the bar. Prices are reasonable. Dessert drink or a sandwich will cost you 60-70 UAH. Pub can be called American, because even one of the owners and some of the staff are from the United States.

Vagabond delights by delicious coffee drinks, smoothies and fresh homemade pastries. Despite the fact that in a coffee house just 3 tables, it is very comfortable, decorated with rare books, lamps and paintings. During summer visitors put extra tables outside.

For sure it is a rest place for creative people, and if you’re lucky, you see here performance of a musician or a poet. On Friday’s musical gatherings are held here.

If you are opened to new ideas, looking for inspiration or just want to have a good evening – visit this place!

You can find it here: Skovoroda str, 7A


Cafe “Salt cave”

Phyto-cafe Salt cave – is an unique opportunity to combine recreation and leisure. Here everything – from floor to ceiling – is made from natural salt crystals. In total 12 tons of natural salt were taken from Zakarpathia for decorations.

Here you can try oxygen cocktails, herbal teas, fresh juices, salads, sandwiches, pancakes, side dishes, desserts and even pizza. Alcohol is not sold here. Unique offer – pancakes with mountainous Carpathian honey and grape jam.

The average bill is 70-80 UAH.

You can find it here: bul. Shevchenko, 6




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