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Kiev celebrations

Today all orthodox Christians celebrate the special – Virgin Mary protection Day!

Let the Mother of God covers us with her cloak and no one on the Earth will be affected with sorrow and misery.

Congratulations from Kiev 😉

Feast of the Holy Virgin Protection was established in the Russian Orthodox Church in the XII century.

The history of this day is associated with the events of X century, when Virgin Marry defended with the help of her cloak the Orthodox Christians from enemies. It was in Constantinople during the reign of Leo the Wise. These were difficult times for the Byzantine Empire. Empire threatened to attack the Saracens, who professed Islam. Seeing no help nowhere, in those days the Greeks in a multitude flocked in Blachernae temple, which contained a robe of Our Lady, and her head cover, and prayed for help.

That patronage emanating from the image of the Virgin Mary, attributed to the numerous victories of the Russian army.

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