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History in photos! Independence Square in Kiev

Independence Square or Maidan Nezalezhnosti is a central Kiev square.

This place has been unwilled witness of many historical events.

Now it is difficult to imagine that central city square was the impenetrable forest 10 centuries ago.

In this area there were so-called Lyadsky gates in times of Yaroslav the Wise.

The first big brick building was built in 1851 and soon Kreshchatyk became a place of restaurants, hotels, and shops.

Traditionally trade fairs, circus and theater performances, festivals were held here.

In 1876 after the City Duma building – city government – was erected and this place became known as Duma.

Independence Square and main city street Kreshchatyk were totally ruined during Second World War.

After Kiev liberation Kreshchatyk area was reconstructed and announced as a main square of the city.

Buildings which we can see today were erected during 1950s – 1970s.

Bessarabian market is the oldest building and the only one which was not destroyed during the Second World War.

The main post office was completed in 1957.

In 1961 the first hotel named “Moscow” appeared. It was renamed to hotel “Ukraine” in 2001.

In 1991 this square received modern name after the proclamation of Ukraine independence.

In 1976, Subway station “Maydan Nezalezhnosti” was opened. It changed its name as well as the area

Last huge renovations of Independence Square took place in 2001.

Usually Independence Square is pedestrian on weekends and state holidays.

During the European football championship EURO-2012 there was the official fan zone and live broadcast of the football on the big screen.

Sometimes the area is used as a place for political protests and demonstrations.

In 2004 the famous “Orange revolution” took place there.

In 2013 Independence Square was a place of Independence Square Euromaidan.

There you can find very interesting place – starting point or ‘zero’ km of the distances between the cities of Ukraine and the major capitals of the world.