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Christmas toy factory

Christmas toys factory!

Now when almost everywhere we can enjoy decorated Christmas trees, let us tell you how Christmas tree toys are made.  Find out more about Christmas toys during your visit to Kiev.

One of the most famous Christmas toys Factory is located 40 km away from Kiev in Klavdiyevo. It was founded in 1948 and started from a small glass workshop which has turned into the largest manufacturer of Christmas products in the Eastern Europe.

Completely all Christmas toys here are made by hand! Glass-blowing workshop, silvering, painting, drying and painting of glass Christmas toys are made by hands of dedicated masters!05

Over the past 5 years, the factory has been developed more than 800 new designs of balls and a variety of other forms.

Glass-blowing workshop. The loudest of all production processes, but also the most exciting. It employs hoods and burners through which the heated glass bullets. Bullet is a glass preform in the form of tubes, which are made of Christmas toys.


The heating temperature is about 600 degrees. The bullet must properly warm up, after which it is inflated with a certain diameter ball. During the day, one person can inflate from 100 to 500 glass toys!


Toys silver plating hall. The solution is poured into a transparent sphere of silver oxide, ammonia, and distilled water, immersed in warm water, stirred gently and silver ball ready.


Next Christmas toys sent to the painting. This process is also done by hand. The ball dipped into the paint container and sent to a special oven for drying. After that toys shipped to the artists.


Moreover there is unique museum of Christmas glass decorations and toys. Ancient and modern toys are collected all over the world and are represented in the factory museum.

The highlight of the factory is a unique collection of “Santa Hermitage” – an exclusive series of reproductions of the world’s best artists in glass Christmas tree balls. Paintings by Rembrandt, Roerich, Aivazovsky, Dali, Michelangelo, Kuindzhi, Shishkin, Monet, and not only can be seen on the glass balls. Creation of such exposition took more than two years – all the balls are in the only one copy.





Wishing you the best Christmas and New Year imressions!

Enjoy winter in Kiev with us.

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