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Kiev from the top of Motherland statue

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Book private tour and enjoy Kiev from the bird’s-eye view!

Don’t you ever want to be like a bird for a while? Don’t you want to feel yourself free for at least 20 minutes, forget practically about everything and just see big ancient beautiful Kiev city from the terrace or may be to hang out from the shield at an altitude of one hundred and eighteenth meters? Either to keep an eye on tiny passers-by, toy cars or to touch clouds, taste wind, even try your luck to hold sunbeam in your arm? And the only thing that you need to do is just to go up to the Mother of Motherland, at the very top of it with the  yourkievguide.com private guide.

But firstly you are going to use two elevators: the one is for four people (plus instructor) at most. And the second is only for two because it’s very small. Have you ever seriously think how it is to be an anchovy in jar? Not at all? So you will! But only for 15-20 minutes. And then the fun starts. Getting out, you are almost at the level of woman’s bosom. Inside the monument there are only metal tubes, still carcass and just you. The cold and vibration of wind remind both the underwater feeling and state of weightlessness. Now prepare yourself to use a little ladder that is at an angle of 10 degree. The climbing along her arm is a bit difficult, totally not for girls on high-hills and men in business suits. The peculiarity is in distance between stairs, you need to make bigger steps than you used to. After that you are going to climb on a normal ladder and even tube just as you are in sewer pipe underground. But to tell you the truth you are in the air, fortunately that isn’t pretty much the same thing. Finally, the hatchway overhead is opening and you find yourself on the diminutive terrace covered by metal fence net. Honestly, you are practically overwhelmed by emotions of the city view – so incredible, wonderful and beautiful…

But it isn’t the end. Your instructor has just opened another hatchway, couple steps and you are at the top of the Mother’s of Motherland shield. Half of your body is hiding on the hatchway; another half is in the open air. To be honest only three words are well-spoken – awesome, breathtaking, shocking… Are you ready for these crazy emotions? Order private city tour with yourkievguide.com and we arrange the moments that you probably have never got from New York Independence Monument, Paris Eiffel tower and Dubai Burj Khalifa!

By the way, Rodina Mat is higher then Statue of Liberty! Do not miss your chance to visit it!

During private tour you will visit one of the highest monuments in the world and find out more fascinating facts about the II World War.

This tour is dedicated to the victory of the Soviet people over the fascist Germany and to the Second World War.

Exhibition mainly emphasizes Ukrainian contribution in the victory over Nazism.

Museum has 16 chambers with over 15 000 original objects — papers, personal belongings, weapon, photos, banners, awards, letters, diaries, military hardware. Exhibition culmination is a Memory chamber with 27 meter funeral table with personal belongings, embroidered towels and «killed in battle» notices.

Price: 15$ per hour
(does not include entrance fees and transportation services)
Duration: about 2 hours.